wrestlemania 29

With Wrestlemania 29 in New Jersey’s MetLife stadium just over four weeks away, now should be the time of year when WWE is reaching its peak, as its biggest names hit their stride and storylines start to reach boiling point. As Wrestlemania comes into view over the horizon, superstars should be staking their claim, feuds intensifying, and viewers hooked.

However last week’s developments on Raw and Smackdown instead threw up more obstacles on the Road to Wrestlemania, with weak booking lacking the usual sparkle we come to expect from this time of year. Storylines are being hurried, feuds thrown together, and the card looking weak.

This week however there were signs of promise. A much stronger Monday Night Raw saw the storyline between The Undertaker and CM Punk finally step into the realm of interest and intrigue, as opposed to an apparently randomly booked match, with the recently deceased Paul Bearer at the heart of the tale. Meanwhile, two more big matches came together, and some of the undercard for the big show started to fill out.

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This article was first posted on March 15, 2013