WWE Road to Wrestlemania 29: The Undertaker Returns, CM Punk To Challenge The Streak

the undertaker

This week the landscape on the Road to Wrestlemania transformed once again, with the official return of The Undertaker for his annual outing at Wrestlemania. Elsewhere, The Rock and John Cena came face to face, Triple H called out Brock Lesnar, and Monday Night Raw went old school.

The Road to Wrestlemania has been far from smooth for the WWE so far, and unfortunately this week provided another weak attempt to build anticipation for the big dance in New Jersey on April 7. The special old school Raw seemed ill-timed and ultimately pointless, while good wrestling was conspicuous by its absence, predictable storylines were confirmed, and WWE continued to sacrifice their heels and most of the midcard.

Last week in WWE provided some great highlights - John Cena v CM Punk alone gave fans a reason to keep the faith - amongst the dirge, so there was some hope that the WWE would be able to build from there and at last get the show on the road and start building a real card for Wrestlemania.

Alas instead we were left with a Raw more concerned with a few nostalgia pops than actually establishing storylines or feuds, and the apparent complete disregard of the midcard. When will WWE realise they need to make at least some of the heels look strong in order to put over the faces? Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett losing every week is not making Ryback or Alberto del Rio look any stronger. It is self-defeating, short term thinking from WWE creative.

Some ground was made though, with the top four matches of the card now set for Wrestlemania XXIX, and it is with a faint hope of progress that we look at the latest developments on the Road to Wrestlemania 29.


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