WWE Royal Rumble 2018: 7 Reasons To Be Fearful

John Cena's smile is making us uneasy for 28 January...

Braun Strowman Brock Lesnar Kane

Who could have imagined that Kane would be in a Universal Title match in 2018? That's the angle WWE are peddling for the 2K18 Royal Rumble. Meanwhile (at time of writing - we'll see what happens on the latest episode of SmackDown), AJ Styles doesn't have a scheduled opponent for his WWE Title. Work that one out.

In fairness, WWE have four episodes of SmackDown to set that right before the Rumble, but it isn't great that one of the best workers in the industry has been playing second fiddle. Speaking of which, poor Braun Strowman was relegated on the latest Raw in favour of making Kane look like Brock Lesnar's biggest threat.

It's crucial that WWE get this year's Rumble right. Each passing year, it seems that creative have a real problem providing a satisfying winner in the 30-man match, and there's been an air of ill will ever since Batista won the thing in 2014.

The Rumble is an old favourite, but there are reasons to worry about this year's version...


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