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An increasingly developing story this weekend has been a rumored return for Shane McMahon to WWE storylines. Respected Wrestling journalist Bryan Alvarez has revealed that his sources suggest Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are keen to bring Shane in for an appearance at Wrestlemania 30.

There is no word if Shane is interested (he has previously admitted relations strained between him and Vince on his WWE departure). However, there are encouraging signs he could be interested, he has cut back his business roles earlier this year and is a natural fit into the current “Authority” storyline.

Shane would surely be up for coming in as the “good guy” McMahon to combat Stephanie’s dictatorship. This could then lead to a stunt filled match with Triple H at Wrestlemania 30, a match that Shane would relish.

Shane O’Mac previously resigned from all roles within WWE back in 2009. Having gained substantial experience in his position with WWE as Executive Vice President of Global Media, Shane furthered his business profile by taking a role as CEO with China Broadband Inc.

Enjoying considerable success outside of the WWE, Shane saw his roles diversify in the corporate world, he now sits as Chairman of YOU On demand, and financially has possibly done even better than sister Stephanie who has advanced considerably as a business woman in WWE the past five years. Shane has also taken a role on the board of directors with International Sports Management, representing the likes of golfer Rory McIlroy. Shane’s success in business outside of the WWE, and his sister’s success inside of WWE corporate, means that Shane is unlikely to ever return to a corporate role with his Father’s empire. However, with Shane cutting back some of his business work, the chance of a story return is an exciting proposition.

Shane O’Mac is a great WWE character. He can talk the talk, and walk the walk. Some of his in ring matches are of a quality that stands up to legitimate full time wrestlers. His 2001 battle with Kurt Angle for example, was a demonstration of Shane O’s fearless style. Any in ring or character return will surely go down a storm. Lapsed fans from the Attitude Era remember Shane with fondness, and new fans are sure to love his daredevil style. Let’s hope we see Shane in a WWE ring again soon.

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This article was first posted on November 18, 2013