WWE Shooting Pilot For Matt Hardy Network Show

This Halloween special could be WONDERFUL...

 Woken Matt Hardy

Pro Wrestling Sheet are reporting that WWE plan to film a pilot episode of 'House Hardy: Halloween special' early next month.

The company recently sent out survey sheets quizzing fans on fresh programs they'd like to see on the service, and it seems House Hardy was one of the most popular. This explains why Matt previously tweeted over the weekend that he'd be expecting guests at his home in the near future.

Details remain scarce on how the new show will work, what kind of hilarious scrapes and jams the Hardy family will get into or how heavily Matt's brother Jeff will be involved, but it is worth noting that a full-blown series hasn't been sanctioned yet, only the pilot.

Jeff has been announced for the show. On the aforementioned survey sheets, WWE led with this pitch: “Go inside the WONDERFUL world of the Hardy family in this delightful short-form scripted sitcom, featuring Matt and Jeff Hardy!”.

Matt recently announced his retirement from active in-ring work due to niggling lower back and pelvis issues. The 44-year old made his debut way back in 1992, and it seems he's now keen to move on to new projects that don't involve actually wrestling.

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