WWE Sign Trevor Lee

Former Impact X-Division Champion headed for Stamford.

Trevor Lee NXT

Independent sensation Trevor Lee has finally completed his widely expected move to WWE, having officially signed a contract with the promotion.

During last night's CWF Mid-Atlantic show in Gibsonville, NC, Lee addressed rumours that it was to be his final outing for the company. Chants of "You deserve it!" broke out when Lee confirmed that he was no longer a free agent after penning a deal with Vince and co.

However, he promised them at least one more appearance, as he vowed to stick with the company until he loses the CWF Mid-Atlantic title. That will almost certainly happen come 2 February, during a six-pack scramble at CWF Stronger.

In addition to being a star of CWF, Lee has also enjoyed stints in PWG and AAW during his rise on the indies. He had a spell with Impact between 2015 and 2019, claiming the X-Division strap on three occasions and the Tag Team titles once.

Lee's time with Impact ended in November, after which he became a free agent. At present, it's naturally expected that he'll report to the Performance Center just as soon as his CWF commitments are cleared up.

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