WWE Stomping Grounds Card LEAKED?

Champions back in action in Washington...

seth rollins kofi kingston

Three huge matches for June 23rd's Stomping Grounds pay-per-view may have been inadvertently confirmed by promotion for the upcoming WWE pay-per-view.

Washington's Tacoma Dome produced the list as part of their marketing for tickets, noting the following for the first show to follow June 7th's ultra-controversial Super ShowDown event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. They are as follows;

WWE Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (c) vs Kevin Owens

Universal Championship Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs Baron Corbin

Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre

Cards are always subject to change of course, not least with plenty of televised wrestling still to come before the big event, but news had leaked last week on Raw's premier sh*thouse heel Corbin getting the next shot at 'The Beastslayer's Universal strap, whilst little else currently seems set for The New Day's WWE Champion beyond his own concerns over the latest Mr Money In The Bank.

Roman Reigns' scrap with Drew McIntyre appears ripped right from the house show loop after their conclusive WrestleMania clunker, but last night's Raw positioned him as Shane McMahon's latest goon in his own 100-years war with 'The Big Dog'. After despatching Elias at Money In The Bank, the 'Scottish Psychopath' could logically be re-added to Roman's hitlist.

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