WWE Super Show-Down: Title Changes Hands *SPOILERS*

We have a new champion down under.

Buddy Murphy Cruiseweight Super Show Down
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Melbourne's own Buddy Murphy prevailed in his Cruiserweight Championship contest opposite Cedric Alexander at WWE's Super Show-Down in Australia this evening, in a rare example of the company allowing the hometown hero to soak up the adulation.

Murphy evaded a knee to the face from Alexander before catching him with Murphy's Law for the finish. Typically, his eponymous axiom would have seen him lose before his adoring public, but given it was only the Cruiserweight title, WWE thought it best to send fans home happy for a change.

Something must be in the water down under, as Australian duo The IIconics also overcome the odds in their tag match against Naomi and Asuka. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, perennially petulant on Tuesday nights, played up to the crowd with no hint of sarcasm. They even wore new gear adorned with the Australian flag!

Buddy Murphy becomes the first man from Oz to claim a singles title with the company. He previously held the NXT Tag Team Championship alongside Wesley Blake in 2015, before eventually dropping the straps to The Vaudevillains.

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