Dave Meltzer reported on Tuesday’s Wrestling Observer Radio show that the reason Ryback has faced almost exclusively independent jobbers on television and at live events is because WWE are wary of their contracted performers getting hurt. Full-time WWE Superstars are said to have told front office that they are wary of getting in the ring with him for concerns that they may pickup an injury.

Ryback has defeated two local wrestlers in handicap squash matches at the last two SmackDown tapings (which also included last night’s tapings in Manchester, New Hampshire) and again on this week’s edition of RAW but there is only so long they can keep feeding him no-name talent to defeat. At some point Ryback is going to have to go against contracted performers and WWE will need to put their faith in him if he is going to make it as a star.

WWE fans are likely doing him no favours either with the “Goldberg” chants during his entrance and matches which just remind everyone that we’ve seen this act before and Ryback, at least currently, pales in comparison in the intensity, look and charisma department compared to Goldberg.

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This article was first posted on June 13, 2012