WWE Survivor Series 2017: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

What the hell was that main event?

Triple H Shane McMahon

They say that the better a WWE PPV looks on paper, the more disappointing and underwhelming it typically is in reality, and sadly, that was totally the case with this year's Survivor Series.

Coming hot off the heels of another consistently thrilling NXT TakeOver show the previous night, Survivor Series fell victim to all the usual WWE pitfalls: atrocious booking that makes no sense and seems intended solely to irritate fans, the old guard being given precedent over the hungry young talents, and a misplaced focus on surprising fans rather than just delivering a satisfying in-ring story.

Was it a terrible show? Absolutely not. In fact, there's only one match that even got close to being flat-out bad, but the it was largely filled with mediocre, forgettable bouts, with just a few scattered contests of real mention. At least Brock Lesnar actually showed up and seemed to care, which was nice...


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