WWE Survivor Series: 5 Reasons CM Punk’s New Stable Is Dawn of New Era

The collective Internet went insane last night when Ryback was put through a table at the hands of NXT developmental…

Shaun Munro


The collective Internet went insane last night when Ryback was put through a table at the hands of NXT developmental stars¬†Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, allowing CM Punk to defeat John Cena and retain the WWE Championship, keeping his lengthy 1-year reign in tact in the process. But what does this say about the direction the WWE is moving in? This could be paving the way for a major angle that’s going to shake up the WWE and give it that jolt, that fresh injection of talent that it has sorely been in need of in recent years.

Here are five reasons that the new stable that appears to be forming is going to be the dawn of a new era in the WWE.



5. A New Invasion?

The original 2001 Invasion angle that saw “The Alliance” (wrestlers from both WCW and ECW) invading the WWF with the intention of taking over, was an excellent angle and one of the best since the end of the Attitude Era. Later attempts to rekindle the same sort of excitement, however, have proved troublesome, notably when Nexus invaded Raw and assaulted John Cena, an interesting storyline that had plenty of promise but simply faded out, suggesting the WWE didn’t have all that much faith in it. This time around, however, the WWE have a real opportunity to make a next-level Invasion storyline, especially if this nascent stable is going to have even more NXT wrestlers coming out of the woodwork to join Maddox, Punk, Heyman, Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns.

This idea of the new blood coming in to spice things up could do wonders for ratings if done right; it’s a case of picking charismatic, athletic stars with a real star quality, whose skills can be nurtured by CM Punk, making way for a stable that hopefully won’t flop like the Straight Edge Society and New Nexus have recently. If Vince has proper faith and lets it go the distance, this could make for some very interesting storylines indeed.