Renewed speculation is linking Sting with a WWE deal and debut in the coming months. The WCW Icon has still not renewed his TNA contract.

The Wrestling Observer today confirms this, stating the WWE is still talking to Sting about coming in for some appearances in the near future. The very fact that these discussions are taking place means the outlook is fairly decent for seeing Sting finally debut in WWE in 2014.

The terrible state of TNA could be what makes Sting’s mind up. Dixie Carter’s business is in a ditch right now, it would be madness for a talent to stick with them when they could be working with Vince McMahon. The earning potential is also bound to be a consideration for Sting, as it would be for any man. Does he stick with good pay in TNA or grab the great pay that Vince offers? With the WWE Network coming and other exciting developments around Wrestlemania 30, Sting would be so much better off with a run in McMahon’s mega circus.

On the other side of the speculation, some might consider it a mark of Sting’s legend that he has never appeared for McMahon. The die hard southern fanbase that made up WCW love Sting for never doing business with the Northern promoter. The character and legacy would surely be rightly recognized in WWE, but Sting may have his doubts. Does he really need a WWE run? Time will tell. One thing that looks certain is any deal will be coming too late for a Sting Vs Undertaker match at Wrestlemania 30 – that honour looks set to go to Brock Lesnar.

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This article was first posted on January 16, 2014