Kane made his WWE debut in October 1997 destroying his storyline older brother at the Bad Blood PPV and has enjoyed over 15 successful years with the company ever since. Although his gimmick has changed somewhat from monster to comedic entertainer and back again fans have always embraced him as a unique WWE character. What many fans may not realise is the man behind the mask Glen Jacobs has worked several very different gimmicks in WWE as well as elsewhere though none were as successful as The Big Red Machine.

In this feature What Culture takes a look underneath the mask at the man who brings Kane to life every week on television and traces his many different guises back to the start of his career. The sheer volume of different persona’s might actually shock you considering how long he’s been a mainstay in a WWE ring.

See how many you recognise.


The Christmas Creature

Glen Jacobs made his in-ring debut way back in the early 1990′s as an eye liner wearing bad ass named Angus King. At least we’re told he was a bad ass as no video footage exists of the gimmick nor do any photographs. His first televised gimmick was that of The Christmas Creature a ridiculous looking 7 foot Christmas tree in a match against Trey Keller.

You only need to watch how Christmas Creature moves in and out of the ring to realise who’s under the mask but back in 1992 in the USWA he was still a very green (pun intended) untested brawler. Nice to see him using an early version of The Chokeslam as his finisher though.

Christmas Creature had a modicum of success before eventually losing to Jerry Lawler and disappearing all together.

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This article was first posted on March 9, 2013