WWE TLC 2018: 12 Results Predictions

Nobody is ready for Asuka... to win Becky's title.

Tlc Results Preditions 2018

On any other December in any other year, the tantalising triple threat between Becky Lynch, Asuka and Charlotte Flair would make this a one match show. And given the dross usually served up in the Christmas season, we'd be more than grateful for it.

Don't get us wrong: the SmackDown women's title is more than enough to tide us over for the final PPV of the calendar. But for once, WWE have decided to lay on a total festive feast. This isn't a one match show, but a twelve match show.

And some of those matches are belters.

Admittedly, not all. It's difficult to know which subset of the audience are crying out for the conclusion of the Mixed Match Challenge or a Cruiserweight Title defence, given how badly WWE have diluted both those parts of their product. But like Drake Maverick, we at least get a good opportunity to pee during these matches.

But then there's a tasty tag team triple threat only lacking a TLC stipulation, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are unlikely to put on a stinker, and Drew McIntyre vs. Finn Bálor has all the makings of a sleeper hit. Plus just look at that WWE Title match. What a cracker.

But how will it all go down? All together now:

"On the 12th match of Christmas, WWE gave to me... "
Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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