WWE TLC Spoilers: Randy Orton Vs John Cena Outcome Revealed?

In what could possibly be an indication of Sunday’s TLC main event result, John Cena appeared at the TV taping…

Grahame Herbert

WWE Editor

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In what could possibly be an indication of Sunday’s TLC main event result, John Cena appeared at the TV taping for WWE Tribute to the troops without his WWE Championship.

This is significant in that Tribute to the troops will air on December 28th – two weeks after TLC. With Cena having neither the WWE or World title, and with Orton not featuring on the show, it could be seen as a clue to who will be victorious in the unification match this weekend. However, some fans are reporting that AJ Lee appeared on the event without her championship, with number 1 contender Natalya appearing sans championship also. Perhaps WWE ran a policy at the event of no championships, in order to protect the results of this weekend’s pay per view.

In other news developments, Hulk Hogan is now seen as a certainty for Wrestlemania 30. John Cena’s comments to TMZ about Hogan being “too old to wrestle” was a planned statement rather than an off the cuff comment. WWE insiders believe there is absolutely no way Cena would have commented on Hogan for any other reason than a wrestling angle. Conversely, sources close to Hogan are saying he is in a physical condition that should be kept as far away from a wrestling ring as possible.

Regarding ‘The Icon’ Sting, speculation remains that he too will sign on for Wrestlemania 30. However, the story has quietened down somewhat as his contract with TNA nears expiration. It could transpire that Sting ends up staying with TNA, he has been advertised for a live event in Huntsville, Alabama on the 16th of January – an event after his contract has expired. The impression within TNA is that Sting is staying put for another year on a limited schedule deal. Others are speculating that Sting is simply working some good will dates before moving on. It could also be a case of blatant false advertising – TNA has been know in the past to deceive fans, they did this in the past with a UK tour where they advertised Jeff Hardy when they knew fine well he wouldn’t be appearing.