WWE To Execute The Most UNPOPULAR Storyline Ever?

He IS The Best In The World...

Shane mcmahon

WrestleVotes, the Twitter scoops account with a not inconsiderable hit rate, has threatened the most unpopular storyline development ever. That may read as histrionic, initially, but let this register.

Get a load of this, right in your face, in the form of a potato punch, and try and think of something worse.

Speaking to one source about what the endgame of the Shane McMahon mega-push might entail, the anonymous WWE employee/contractor speculated that "he could see" Shane McMahon defeating Kofi Kingston, becoming, in the process, WWE Champion.

"Here is your winner...and new WWE Champion...Shane McMahon!"

This sort of makes sense. This sort of makes horrific sense. Shane is, objectively, the top heel on WWE television, narrowly edging out...Baron...Corbin...for the spot. Corbin, at least, hasn't yet appeared on SmackDown Live as part of the Wild Card Rule. Shane is considered so crucial to WWE programming that he must appear in a high-profile role across both shows. Unlike about 50% of the roster, who can't even net one storyline, Shane is currently embroiled in two. The Miz programme simmers in the background, as a rematch against Roman Reigns lurks on the horizon.

The vast majority of WWE fans would rather absorb a brutal Shane-O-Mac worked punch than see him run around the ring, WWE Title aloft. And this might be b*llocks, but WrestleVotes did break the news of Mansoor's 50-Man Battle Royal victory at Super ShowDown hours before the show. Hey, maybe Mansoor can win the WWE Title from Shane at the next Saudi show.

Why not, eh?

Trolling is such good sh*t!

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