WWE To Hold TWO WrestleManias A Year By 2020?

Taking "super-serving the audience" to the next level

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Just when it looked like WWE's obsession with "super-serving the audience" couldn't go any further, the company may now be planning on hosting two WrestleMania events in 2020.

This is according a new report from BarnBurner's Jon Fisher, who claims that the company, in a move similar to this year's Greatest Royal Rumble, will hold one 'Mania in American in April (as is tradition), then another on foreign soil in October.

The idea is that the company should be fully acclimated to their bumper new TV deals (which kick in next year) by then, and that holding a second WrestleMania would be the next logical step in their global expansion. Still, it raises significant concerns.

The Greatest Royal Rumble was no more than a glorified house show. Taking a similar approach with 'The Show Of Shows' would risk devaluing the one pay-per-view event that still feels special and unique in the "super-serving" era, but it would be in line with the company's recent patterns, given their affinity for throwing as much content at their customers as possible.

A hint of cynicism should be applied here, as BarnBurner are but a single source. Still, switching WrestleMania to a twice-yearly schedule would be typical of WWE's current era.

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