WWE: Update On John Cena Injury Storyline

This past Monday on Raw, WWE furthered the ongoing feud between The Wyatt Family and WWE’s top guy John Cena….

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This past Monday on Raw, WWE furthered the ongoing feud between The Wyatt Family and WWE’s top guy John Cena. After the Wyatt Family cost Cena the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble as well as Elimination Chamber, Cena called them out for a fight.

During the fight, it appeared as though Cena suffered a leg injury. During the initial part of the brawl, Erick Rowan of the Wyatt Family lifted up Cena’s leg and then shoved him back down to the mat hard. From that point on, Cena grabbed his left leg as if it was legitimately hurt.

The Wyatt Family’s attack slowed down from there as it appeared that Cena was hurting and although they continued the assault, it didn’t appear to be as vicious as one might expect.

Cena left the arena on a stretcher with the commentary team wondering if he was going to be okay.

A lot fans thought it was a legit injury. If it was, that would put a damper on some major plans for WrestleMania since Cena is scheduled to face Bray Wyatt. It’s not official yet, but it’s likely to happen.

A report from PWTorch.com states that Cena didn’t hurt his knee. It was all part of an angle.

Cena sold as if he legitimately injured his knee, prompting WWE to follow through with “medical updates” on Raw and on the post-game show on WWE Network.

It’s possible Cena tweaked his knee, augmenting the planned angle from a more thorough beatdown, but our sources citing backstage information at Raw indicate Cena was fine afterward.

Doing an injury angle makes a lot of sense because it makes Cena a more sympathetic character for the fans to root for. The Wyatt Family can also get over more as heels because of the way they may attack Cena’s leg in the next five weeks leading up to the match.

It’s almost as if WWE wants to make Cena go into the match as an underdog because of the bad leg. He’s not a guy that has been an underdog too much in his career, so it’s a bit of a stretch, but that’s why you do injury angles. Fans feel sorry for the guy. They might root for him more. In Cena’s case, the opposite could happen. His haters could voice their opinions and boo him even more while cheering for a character like Wyatt, who comes off as original and different from everybody else.

To Cena’s credit, he did a great job of selling it. A lot of fans bought it and may continue to buy into it as we get closer to WrestleMania. The wrestling business is about telling a story and now that the Wyatt/Cena story has an injury to it, the intensity should pick up with it too. Keep an eye on this feud. It could be really good.