WWE 'Very Happy' With EVOLVE Special

Show has been top of VOD list since airing.

Matt Riddle Evolve

WWE co-operated with EVOLVE over the weekend, lending a string of talent and their Network for the benefit of the popular indie's 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Amidst the stars migrating from Stamford for the special were Adam Cole and Akira Tozawa, competing in the main event. After the match, Johnny Gargano emerged to drop the curtain on what had been an extremely successful night.

Not only were the fans buzzing after the fact, but WWE themselves were said to be pleased with proceedings. According to a source speaking with PWInsider, the company were apparently "very happy" with the one off special. The fact it has led the internal charts for VOD views has raised the possibility of similar projects in the future.

At present, there have been no concrete plans made as such, but it seems inevitable - especially if it coincides with a restructuring of the Network's tariff.

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Editorial Team

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