WWE Wants Alberto Del Rio Return?

Vince would "love" to have his former champion back...

alberto del rio

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio could be on the verge of mounting a sensational return to the company, according to Mike Johnson on PWInsider Elite Audio.

As per the reporter, there are "rumblings of interesting" within WWE as far as a potential comeback goes, and it comes from Vince McMahon. Johnson stated that the Chairman would "love to have ADR back in his company," though he's unsure of whether or not it'll actually happen.

Del Rio's last appearance came on the August 16th, 2016 episode of SmackDown. He was suspended 30 days for violating the Wellness Policy two days later, and by the end of the month, it was announced that the unhappy star would be exercising an opt-out clause in his contract.

He officially departed on September 9th, and has since found full-time employment in Impact Wrestling, where he is a former GFW World Heavyweight Champion. Though still under contract with the former TNA, it's thought that Vince could pursue him when this deal expires.

Coupled with recent controversies in his personal life, the circumstances of Del Rio's WWE departure would make this a surprising comeback, but we may see him back on Raw or SmackDown by the year's end.

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