WWE Wants To Re-Hire Mauro Ranallo?

Is the former voice of SmackDown set for a shocking return?

Mauro Ranallo

Mauro Ranallo has was officially let go from WWE in April, though he remains on the company payroll. WWE are paying the former SmackDown announcer up to the end of his original contract's expiry date on August 12th, and while many fans thought they'd seen the last of Ranallo, he could still return after that date.

According to this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are still open lines of communication with regards to bringing Mauro back as SmackDown's play-by-play announcer. The report notes that much of the bad blood surrounding the circumstances of his departure has now faded, though there's no guarantee he'll actually return.

Ranallo has stayed busy since leaving WWE, and has a number of Showtime Boxing and other non-wrestling commitments over the next few months.:-

While it sounds like Ranallo and WWE have at least partially repaired their relationship, JBL remains an issue. Mauro left the company amidst rumours of bullying from his former broadcast partner, and while Ranallo asserted that him leaving had nothing to do with Bradshaw, the former WWE Champion is still being petulant towards the matter by blocking anybody showing public support for Mauro on Twitter.


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