WWE: Who's Soul Will The Undertaker Claim At Wrestlemania 30?

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 22.02.08 With Wrestlemania 29 in the books now and The Undertaker's legendary undefeated streak intact, where does the Dead Man go from here? We know he still has it...after the match with CM Punk, which should easily be match of the night and possibly a contender for match of the year (thanks to both participants), The Undertaker will more than likely disappear into the darkness for another year. With the passing of Paul Bearer and the great tributes paid to the late and great manager, what is left for the Phenom? There aren't too many superstars left for him that could be a worthy challenge. Kane? As much as I would love to see them duke it out for the finale of their feud, with Paul Bearer passing, it may be best that their feud dies and if they have to be seen together, let them be the Brothers of Destruction again in some sort of tag team environment. Stone Cold Steve Austin? Some of the best feuds back in the day involved the Texas Rattlesnake and The Undertaker. However, as Austin hasn't wrestled in years and even if he could give us one last match, sources say that Austin would love to wrestle CM Punk as he has tremendous respect for Mr. Cult of Personality. The Rock? Well, they have fought off and on over the years but as big as the Rock has become in Hollywood, I'm not sure it would be wise for the Undertaker to fight him. The Rock doesn't seem to work every week that is the buildup towards Wrestlemania. Case in point, this year, the Rock only worked a handful of appearances as he was out promoting G.I. Joe: Retaliation. The Shield? As credible a threat as they have become, I don't see a 3 on 1 match being set up. However as of now, it looks like they may be setting up a Undertaker/Team Hell No versus The Shield in the near future, based on their confrontation from the latest RAW. John Cena? The face of the company for the last decade. Though The Undertaker and Cena faced each other back in the day, they have never met on the grandest stage of them all. Frankly, it would make the most sense for them to set this match up at Wrestlemania 30. However, it would be more memorable if they finally turned Cena heel instead of the squeaky clean Cena we are accustomed to seeing. Regardless of who The Undertaker's opponent is, he will give us his best as he always has. I would love to see the streak go for 25-0 but that would be 4 more Wrestlemanias and frankly, I'm not sure Taker has that many left in him. So, perhaps it is wise to call it quits after the historical 30th Wrestlemania. Besides, the Undertaker can say he was part of three decades worth of Wrestlemania...and whatever the outcome, the Undertaker will go down in history as an icon, a locker room leader, and ultimately, a Phenom.

Chris Johnson is a Librarian at the Louisville Free Public Library. He has such a passion for movies (horror and science fiction particularly), various tv shows, comic books, hard rock/heavy metal, and WWE. Chris currently lives in Louisville, Ky.