Wrestlemania 29

The New Year may only just be upon us but the world of professional wrestling is already talking about the biggest event of the year – WrestleMania, this year being the 29th edition of the extravaganza and taking place on April 7th, 2013 from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. With no matches set in stone and Royal Rumble season upon us where traditionally the main story lines begin to take shape, What Culture takes a look at 10 matches we’d love to see on the big day.


10. Beth Phoenix vs Karma

kharma beth

OK, so neither woman is currently employed by WWE at the moment but who’s to say they wont be by WrestleMania or even Royal Rumble for that matter? The two best women’s wrestlers of the last decade would make for one hell of a match so why not have it on the biggest stage of them all? It doesn’t even have to be for a title – just a dream match, and how often do we use those words to describe a Diva’s match?


9. Chris Jericho vs The Undertaker

chris jericho vs the undertaker

The first name in the hat to fight Undertaker at WrestleMania is Chris Jericho. Jericho is open to working with WWE at the drop of a hat as long as it’s mutually beneficial to both sides and with all the main top names seemingly occupied with other things why not bring back the lead singer of Fozzy to attempt to do the one thing he never has – defeat the Deadman and end The Streak.

Undertaker versus Chris Jericho is one of the few matches that would still look fresh in terms of veterans gunning for The Streak. Despite the long standing tenure of Mr Jericho he has only occasionally faced off with the Demon of Death Valley so a WrestleMania match would feel new and given Jericho’s reputation for huge upsets – who would have guessed he’d beat both Rock AND Austin in one night? – a degree of peril could really be placed on ‘Taker’s prized unbeaten run.

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This article was first posted on January 2, 2013