Two months ago I had a great time booking this year’s showcase of the immortals, WrestleMania 29, having a lot of fun predicting where things could go as well as giving my ideas for storylines and potential winners.

Looking back on it, the card I made, although very exciting (in my humble opinion), I realise now that the likely hood of any of these matches happening are very slim considering where things stand at the moment.

We’ve had superstars return, news leaks that others won’t be available and of course, advancements in storylines which knock a lot of my theories right out of the park. So I decided to refresh it if you will, give it a spruce up considering these returning faces and, what it means leading to ‘Mania.

Considering I had such a blast planning the last one I thought why not again. This time, however, it has become much more difficult to plan as there is very little time to make the changes I could guess at the last time around. The timing though is much better as I can use the potential title/momentum changes at the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV to my advantage.

Much like my last article I will also note that I do not anticipate any of the following matches to actually take place (except the obvious ones, which are no longer obvious actually) and is instead, how I would book the biggest event of the year if I had full control.

Again, I will also go ahead and book the event in match order; from opening bell to lights out, so please, follow me through my fantasy (ridiculous attempt at..) booking the granddaddy of them all; WrestleMania 29.

After the National anthem and other crap we hear………

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This article was first posted on February 8, 2013