WWE Wrestlemania 29: Preview & Predictions

It’s that time of the year again folks. The time when everyone forgets how terrible WWE has been over the…

Matt Aspin


wrestlemania 29

It’s that time of the year again folks. The time when everyone forgets how terrible WWE has been over the last 12 months and comes together in front of their televisions, computers etc. to watch the biggest PPV event in the wrestling calendar. That’s right it’s time for Wrestlemania.

Last year we were treated to excellent matches involving Triple H and The Undertaker as well as the one time only (ahem) battle between two of the companies biggest ever stars The Attitude Era’s Rock and the PG era’s John Cena. Despite the misleading one night only tag line this year we’re getting Rock/Cena 2 in which Cena attempts to avenge last year’s defeat and become WWE Champion for the eleventh time, while The Undertaker and Triple H have moved on to whole new feuds.

The build to Wrestlemania 29 has been weaker than usual given WWE’s tendency to up their game after the Royal Rumble but anticipation for the event remains high with a stacked cared featuring all the top names in WWE today. It’s a shame however that they feel the need to stick 3 part timers in the top 3 matches, although at least Undertaker is only part time by necessity not desire.

Our crystal ball has been doing over time in recent weeks predicting who would fight who and which matches would make it on to the PPV. So let’s drag it out one more time to predict the outcomes of every match and where the matches should lead after Wrestlemania is all said and done.


Bonus Match – 3 Man Band Vs Zack Ryder and The Brooklyn Brawler

There’s always at least one surprise match at Wrestlemania to pad things out a little so here’s my suggestion. Have the God awful 3 Man Band come to the ring and start ripping on New Jersey. As the crowd boo and jeer at the ridiculous heel stable out comes Long Island Iced Z and his buddy The Brooklyn Brawler to defend the honour of New Jersey and kick some ass in the match that many people will use as a chance to go to the toilet. This would give Ryder and Brawler a chance to appear in front of a local crowd and capitalises on how well Brawler went over at the TLC PPV late last year.

An alternative match would be to have The Brawler rip on the New Jersey crowd telling them hos much better Brooklyn is and have Ryder come out to defend the honour of his home town. It’s totally unadvertised but it’s the kind of stupid, throwaway segment they’re likely to run with on the night of the PPV.

Will you quit your bellyaching now Zack?