WWE WrestleMania 30: 10 Best Prospects To Face The Undertaker’s Streak

The Road to Wrestlemania is always one of speculation and hype. Much of this has to do with title matches,…




The Road to Wrestlemania is always one of speculation and hype. Much of this has to do with title matches, as people begin to wonder who will have their Wrestlemania moment with a gold belt in hand. However, there is another match on the card that is always rife with rumours as well- a match that has become so important to what the spectacle of Wrestlemania that it would not be an understatement to say that it in the past 5 years it has acted as a second main event of sorts.

Put simply, it’s the streak match- where a challenger from the ranks of the WWE roster attempts to knock off the Undertaker’s unblemished record at Wrestlemania.

There is little doubt that this match for Vince McMahon and co. has become much more than just another match in the makeup of Wrestlemania. The Undertaker has done as much as anyone to ensure that Wrestlemania is the event it is today- competing in a whopping twenty-one of them. From Wrestlemania 25 on, he has participated in the match of the night- stealing the show from matches such as John Cena vs the Rock, CM Punk vs Chris Jericho and Triple H vs Brock Lesnar. More than that though, there is not a figure in the WWE that is respected by both the IWC and the mainstream audience as willingly and consistently as the Dead Man.

So it comes as no surprise then that the challenger who will face the streak is always a point of concern for the WWE. These 10 wrestlers are superstars that I think are a chance to face the Undertaker, or ones in some cases that I think would make a great opponent for the Undertaker. Please note that Sting is not on the list, as I am confining myself to the WWE roster.

In order of likelihood of it happening, here we go…