WWE WrestleMania 30: Latest Potential Matches Update


The WrestleMania 30 card is coming together slowly as WWE tries to put together the best show possible for the big event taking place on Sunday April 6th in New Orleans.

It seems as though three matches are considered locks at this point: Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker (made official on last Monday's Raw), John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (not official yet) and Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H seems like it is going to happen. What about Randy Orton vs. Batista for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? That could change.

According to Bryan Alvarez in the latest edition of the Figure Four Weekly Newsletter on F4WOnline.com, WWE has been considering several matches for WrestleMania 30. While nothing has Here's a listing:

- Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. ?: We don't know who the "?" would be at this point. Chances are good that it would be Daniel Bryan, who is the most popular babyface in WWE. They could set it up by saying if Bryan beats Triple H earlier in the show then he gets to be added to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

Is there a chance it could be CM Punk? Of course. However, Punk's currently not a part of the company and if he is then it's likely something that only a few people know at this point.

The smart choice is Daniel Bryan. Whether it actually happens or not, we don't know yet. Keep watching to find out.

- Big E Langston vs. Dean Ambrose with both the Intercontinental Title and US Title on the line with the winner unifying them.

- Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins in another match featuring Wyatt Family and members of The Shield.

- Sheamus vs. Christian. That story has been built since Elimination Chamber and was continued on Raw as well as Smackdown this past week, so it seems likely.

- Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust. It's been rumored for many months now, but with no sign of dissension from them it may not happen.

- A NXT match would also be on the card. That's a smart move because fans can see NXT on WWE Network, so they will have more interest in a match at WrestleMania this year more than any other year.

What's missing is a tag team title match as well as a Divas title match. For the tag titles they could do a multi-team elimination match with New Age Outlaws, Usos, Real Americans and Ryback/Curtis Axel. The Usos will likely become the tag champs there.

For the Divas Title they could have AJ Lee defend against women from Total Divas like Natalya, Naomi, Cameron, Nikki & Brie Bella in a six diva match. One of the babyface girls will likely beat AJ Lee at WrestleMania.

That's a solid card if WWE goes ahead with it. We'll know more this Monday on Raw, so keep watch WWE TV to find out


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