WrestleMania is an annual spectacle, presented by Vince McMahon, and WWE Inc. On this night, superstars become legends and legends become Hall of Fame candidates. At ‘Mania, the wrestling matches are excellent, and every superstar puts in some extra effort to make this event special for their fans. Recently, WrestleMania 29 was a blockbuster event, and it was a treat for fans and superstars to witness. With main event matches like Brock Lesnar vs Triple H, The Rock vs Cena and Punk vs Undertaker, the event was a hit amongst the IWC and the casual viewers. Simply put, the big main events make the events successful.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that WrestleMania has always been the best of wrestling events every year, yet, without credible main events, ‘Mania falls flat on its face. Take for example Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler in one of the main events for WM27 – that event disappointed every fan the most, and some even called it the worst WrestleMania ever, simply because of that match, and the booking of the complete event.

Next year is the thirtieth anniversary of WrestleMania. Therefore, WrestleMania XXX should be a great event, since it would complete the three decades of the PPV being a successful event.

However, an event is only magnificent if the main events are great, and therefore, I have created a list of three possible main event bouts which could take place next year, which would not only increase the hype for WM30, but would also be a great end to a legacy, and a beginning of another.

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This article was first posted on May 7, 2013