Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the world’s fastest rising podcast, Wrestling Talk. Much has transpired since WrestleMania and my partner Dan and I touch upon all the important talking points in WWE. I recently wrote an article talking about some of the things that made an impression on me from this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw as well as another article chronicling my attendance at the previous week’s episode. In this podcast I go into depth about each of those topics as well as a multitude of other topics.

Dan and I also take time at the end of this episode to count down our all-time favorite theme songs as well as playing clips from the songs we chose. A good mix of old and new, and just some pretty catchy tunes.

We of course also discuss the new phenomenon known as Fandango-ing, though it has already taken a hit as we saw on Monday night. WWE made some pretty questionable decisions in my opinion and I give my reasons as to why I felt this way. We appreciate everyone who tuned in last week to our first episode and hope you continue to support the show as this is a very grassroots operation at this point and we are hoping to expand and evolve with the coming of each week. We can only do that with the support of our listeners.

If you are a fan of WWE then please give this show a chance and let us know what you think. It isn’t perfect quite yet but we are really hoping to get this show out there for as many people as we can. Please use the link below.

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This article was first posted on April 18, 2013