Sometimes wrestling matches just can’t make it from bell to bell on the wrestling itself. Sometimes matches need spots – those planned big moments that bring the crowd to life and can make all the difference between an average match and an all time classic. Can you imagine how dull a Big Show and Mark Henry match could be if they played by the rules? Throw in a top rope superplex with an exploding ring and there you have it an OMG moment that fans will always remember.

Many of these “Holy sh*t” moments occur outside of a WWE ring but many fans don’t get to see them. Well What Culture has scoured the internet to bring to you what we believe are 10 of the biggest and best high spots of all time. So hold onto your hats as we walk you through some truly breath taking momets. And what better place to start than with the following WWF classic.


10. Jimmy Snuka Flys Off The Cage

It might not seem like all that exciting a moment these days but 30 years ago when Superfly Jimmy Snuka took a leap from the top of the steel cage in his match with Don Muraco it changed the sport of professional wrestling forever.

The image of the crazed Snuka splashing Muraco is one of the most enduring of all time. High spots have gotten crazier and crazier through the years but such risk taking in the early 1980s was virtually unheard of especially in the WWF where high flyers were seldom featured amongst the body builders and giants.

This is also the moment that inspired a young Mick Foley to become a wrestler. Enough said really.

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This article was first posted on February 4, 2013