WWE's 2018 PPV Endings Ranked From Worst To Best

The women stole the shows.


Last November, WWE announced to their long-suffering, content-stuffed fans that 2018's PPV schedule would be trimmed down from a fatty 16 to a much healthier, lean 14. The fact this news was met with considerable relief spoke volumes of the company's errant 'super-serving' policy.

As the year wore on - and even when WWE decided to scrap single-branded shows after noticing they were complete arse - it became clear our optimism was misplaced. A sketchy deal with the Saudi Arabian General Sports Authority suddenly generated the possibility of a handful of fresh, context-free shows, each of which threatened to run for a minimum of seven hours. They were mirrored with an admittedly scandal-free but equally arduous additional event in Australia.

As an apology for the female-free Saudi sideshow, we were also gifted the much-welcomed Evolution, the company's first-ever all women PPV. Despite slashing three dates from the original schedule, we were still left with a single show surplus. It was, as they say, all a bit much.

With so much content, the quality was always going to be inconsistent - and boy was it. Some PPVs left us in love with wrestling again - whilst others made us never want to associate with it again. Most interestingly, the PPVs which ended on the biggest high all had one thing in common - and it wasn't DX or the Brothers of Destruction.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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