20 Best Matches From WWE's 'C' Shows

6. Paul London Vs. Akio - Velocity


Paul London and Akio had perhaps the most storied rivalry in the history of Velocity, despite the fact that basically no one was watching. For those that don't remember either of these sports entertainment titans, Paul London was the Justin Gabriel of 2001-2008. Akio was Jimmy Wang Yang, only dressed as 2015 Kane instead of 2015 Dean Ambrose.

They basically got thrown together on an episode of Velocity, and they randomly decided to kill it. You've got this ersatz Billy Kidman throwing a topé con hilo like two minutes in, and this guy with an ill-defined Yakuza gimmick is chopping him hard enough that his chest looks like it's molded out of ground chuck. 

London also takes this insane headfirst bump bouncing off the ropes that bends his body in a way that does not look okay, but he powers through and plants Akio with a flying DDT for the win.

The announcers can't stop talking about how they can't believe what they're seeing, and the guys must have impressed someone backstage as well; they'd have a number of great matches together after this, but the first one gets the nod here.


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