WWE's Kevin Owens To Miss 4-8 Months After Knee Injury?

Surgery means Kevin Owens could be absent for the best part of a year.

Kevin Owens WWE Knee

This week's WWE Raw saw the company execute what looked like a double-turn, as Bobby Lashley brutally destroyed Kevin Owens after defeating the former Universal Champion in singles competition.

A prolonged, focused assault on KO's leg drew jeers from all corners of the arena, and it was supposedly done as a means of writing Owens off television due to a legitimate problem with the knee. According to Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he could now be set to miss up to eight months of action.

The write-up states that although WWE won't know the true extent of Owens' ailments until the knee is "opened up," it's hoped that only a minor procedure will be required, which would cut his recovery time down to four months. This won't be determined until next week, however, and a longer absence is a distinct possibility.

Owens has reportedly been dealing with these issues for a while. He can walk and work, but as Meltzer notes, wrestlers are notoriously hard-nosed when it comes to such problems, and they often get worse with time. Let's hope for successful surgery, and that KO's recovery time doesn't last the best part of a year.

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