WWE's Original Plans For Brock Lesnar Quitting SmackDown Revealed

'The Beast' is on his way to Raw: here's how it was SUPPOSED to go down...

Brock Lesnar SmackDown

Last week's WWE SmackDown opened with a bomb, as Paul Heyman announced that Brock Lesnar was quitting the blue brand for Raw after Vince McMahon refused to give 'The Beast Incarnate' a match with Rey Mysterio following the lucha legend's Crown Jewel assault.

The move is now all but confirmed, with Brock taking his WWE Championship to Raw to avoid clashing with Bray Wyatt's Universal strap. This wasn't how Lesnar leaving SmackDown was supposed to go, though.

Remember Renee Young's tease that the coming week's episode of WWE Backstage would feature a "huge announcement"? This was supposed to be Lesnar moving brands - until WWE were forced to rewrite SmackDown in the wake of the Saudi Arabian travel nightmare.

A recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio saw Dave Meltzer report that WWE decided to switch the Brock announcement from Backstage to SmackDown as a result of this, presumably because they felt the show needed something big to compliment the NXT invasion. Moving Brock over to Raw to chase Mysterio certainly accomplished that.

It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, Lesnar has instore for Rey on tonight's episode of Raw.

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