WWE's Plans For Bray Wyatt & The Fiend Revealed?

Hurt, or heal?

According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, "Bray Wyatt wasn’t shown on WWE TV this week to follow up on “The Fiend” debuting at SummerSlam because they want his character to be special and for it to feel like you’ll never know when he’s going to strike next."

It appears that WWE has taken the heal, not hurt approach, by refusing to overexpose this incredible new reinvention of the Bray Wyatt character. This is something for which the company should be credited. The increasingly unpopular three-hour RAW format invites - even necessitates - churn. The (now unspoken) Wild Card rule is in effect for this very reason. This news update is welcome; it indicates that WWE shares the optimism and excitement palpable within the fanbase.

The Fiend's first in-ring appearance was special. The oscillating textures of his remixed theme, from creepy to noisy, reflected his split persona. The disgusting lantern again symbolised, with a visual at once disturbing and reassuring, that the old, irrevocably damaged Bray Wyatt is dead. The all-encompassing darkness made it difficult to even ascertain what was happening. This was a total subversion of the patchwork quilt of horror cliché once associated with the character; no "BLEH!" jump scare, this was a new horror of such insidious quality that it crept into everybody who witnessed it.

Mercifully, at present, WWE intends to preserve how special it was.

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