WWE's Rich Swann Arrested, Suspended By Company

205 Live star charged with kidnapping.

Rich Swann

205 Live's high-flyer Rich Swann has been suspended by WWE following an arrest in Gainesville, FL this morning. Gainesville police released an arrest report which stated that Swann and his girlfriend Vanessa Riggs engaged in a dispute following a show in the city. As the argument escalated, Riggs fled the vehicle the pair were traveling in, only to be chased by Swann who was said to have put her in a headlock and dragged her back to the car.

An eyewitness reported that Riggs was seen to be pounding on the car's window, screaming for help as Swann drove away. The car was also said to be driving erratically.

Swann was arrested by Gainesville PD following the incident, and subsequently charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and battery. The latter charge is considered a misdemeanour, whereas kidnapping is a felony.

Since news of the arrest has been made public, WWE have quickly moved to suspend Swann. The company operates a strict zero tolerance domestic violence policy, which makes clear any employee convicted of such a charge would see their contract terminated immediately - though the company reserves discretion to enact the same level of discipline should "incontrovertible evidence of such illegal misconduct" be made clear.

The company released a statement on Swann noting that "as per our policy, [he] has been indefinitely suspended following his arrest."

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