WWE's Sasha Banks, Cedric Alexander Make Cryptic Tweets

The Boss references old ring name, Alexander misses old brand.

Sasha Banks
Twitter, @SashaBanksWWE

The apparently disgruntled Sasha Banks continues to cause a stir on social media, as she made another set of cryptic Tweets this past Monday hinting at her dissatisfaction with her current employers.

Alongside a tasteful picture showing The Boss in a swimsuit and sporting new, dark hair, Banks wrote "Oh hi Mercedes, so happy we found you, let's promise to never lose you again."

It might sound like gibberish, and it is, but those in the know will recall that Mercedes KV was the name Sasha performed as before joining WWE (in addition to being her birth name). There's obviously a Jon Moxley-esque implication here then, as one of the most popular ways a current WWE superstar can announce their unhappiness is to refer to an old, pre-Stamford sobriquet.

There's no suggestion that Sasha is any closer to the exit door, and in actual fact, relations are said to have thawed. So it seems more likely The Boss is working a little gimmick, designed to make her a martyr. It's smart stuff.

Cedric Alexander also made a marginally eyebrow-raising Tweet yesterday, simply stating, "I miss 205 Live." The cruiserweight was drafted to Raw during the Superstar Shake-Up, though besides a debut loss to Cesaro and being a warm body in the inaugural 24/7 championship scramble, he has mostly been restricted to Main Event.

It's probably no surprise he yearns to be back in the palms of the purple brand.

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