WWE’s Sin Cara Red & White Attire Images

Take a look at Sin Cara’s new ring attire from his return at last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings.

Matt Holmes


As we reported earlier, Sin Cara (aka Mistico) returned at last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after a six month lay-off through a ¬†patella tendon rupture¬†injury. He returned with a slightly new attire that had a red and white look, replacing the familiar blue, and we came down to the ring with a new pyro.

We now have images of Sin Cara’s new look from last night that you can see above and below. Sadly they are rather low-resolution images but they do give us a big indicator of what he will look like when we see this week’s edition of SmackDown for ourselves this Friday night.

Sin Cara takes on Heath Slater on Friday in his comeback match in what was said by those in attendance to be a very good bout with no botched spots.