WWF: Is The New DX Army The Last Shot For Dominance Over WCW?

This past Monday on Raw Is War, the World Wrestling Federation went through a little bit of the regeneration following…

Paul Jordan



This past Monday on Raw Is War, the World Wrestling Federation went through a little bit of the regeneration following Wrestlemania 14 and the departure of Shawn Michaels as the leader of the miscreant militia known as D-Generation X,  replenishing its ranks with a new army. Under the guise of the new leader Triple H, their new lewd crew and rude troop claims to bring the war the front lines of the WWF and beyond. But is this the last stand of the degenerates? In wrestling, reforming groups after the original has gone it’s course is never really a good thing. I.e. the Four Horsemen in WCW or in ECW The Triple Threat or Raven’ s Flock.

Sometimes you can’t go home again. It’s ironic, though I say that as Sean Waltman, otherwise known as 123 Kid previously in the WWF and most recently Syxx in WCW, made his re-debut with the Federation following an injury that took him out of nWo and landed him with his new”do “clique” as it were. The kid ripped his old boss Eric Bischoff a new ass**** for comments he recently made on WCW Monday Nitro saying that he and his former running buddies Scott Hall and Kevin Nash would’ve been there with him. It makes you wonder if Vince McMahon and crew are using Hunter and crew as their chance to give a full on assault on Turner broadcasting?

Are they crazy? Barring driving a tank up to WCW’s doors it just feels like more lip service as they battle not look like number two compared to Nitro. Not to mention the new members known as The New Age Outlaws, Jesse James and Billy Gunn are not the strongest choices, I would’ve chosen. Although the end sequence in which they destroyed the man from Truth and Consequences, New Mexico, Cactus Jack in the cage was a great visual.

I’m interested to see how the often stoic syren Chyna will fit into this plan as she  has recently gone through a bit of a transformation to be more feminine and a little more sexual… Hopefully this will not degenerate into XXX territory. Only time will tell… If this ragtag group of find a foothold of the original or will this be one reunion too many?