10 Best Character Redesigns In Marvel History

Goldballs getting the glow-up he so sorely deserved.

Marvel Comics

The vast majority of character redesigns are usually the subject of fan hate - in no small part due to them being linked so closely to reboots, random character changes, and countless cases of needless reinvention.

But this isn't to say that all character redesigns are bad redesigns. In fact, when the planets and stars align just right, some character redesigns can tremendously improve the hero in question.

Although many of these cases happened years in the past - long enough ago that many readers will scarcely remember things like Iron Man having a silver suit - Marvel is still constantly rejigging and redesigning their characters, and thus we have cases of upgraded designs happening as recently as in the past five years.

Though these changes won't be to every comic fan's delight, seeing our favourite figures grow and evolve is absolutely crucial to keeping the comic industry feeling fresh and vibrant - especially when these evolutions feel as though they are improving characters and giving them new agency, instead of just putting a new lick of paint over the old design.


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