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The Ultimate Friends Female Quiz - How Well Do You Know Rachel, Monica And Phoebe?

How well do you know the females of Friends?
By Laura Holmes

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Quiz: Who Said It - Buffy Or Willow?

Only a Vampire will be able to slay this Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg quiz.
By Rahul Verma

10 Things You Learn Rewatching Star Wars Rebels

What you can learn from the crew of the Ghost the second time around.
By Richard Kraus

The Walking Dead: 10 Ways The Rick Grimes Movie Can Save The Show

Rick Grimes’ return will jumpstart a new era for The Walking Dead saga.
By Ericka Spears

10 Star Wars Shows That NEED To Happen

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... there was A LOT of television potential.
By Jordan Bradley

Star Trek: 12 Subplots That Went Nowhere

A few of the times Star Trek flew right past the fireworks factory.
By Paul Sutherlin

13 Darkest Star Trek: The Original Series Moments

Gene Roddenberry's optimistic view of the future sometimes involved pretty dark scenarios.
By Paula Luther

10 Worst TV Spin-Offs Of All Time

Shameless cash grabs or love letters to fan favourites? Either way, they weren't good.
By Niall Gray

10 Best South Park Celebrity Cameos

When the show isn't scorching the earth, it's giving us memorable collaborations like these.
By Dustin Crawford

How I Met Your Mother: 10 Worst Things Lily Ever Did

Her loud chewing doesn't even begin to cover it...
By Angus Castle

10 Sketchiest TV Businesspeople Of All Time

Sketchy businesspeople fill a lot of roles on TV but some are better than others.
By Ian Goodwillie

10 Animes To Watch If You’ve Never Seen Anime

Do you or a friend want to get into anime? Here are some choices to get you started.
By Richard Flint

10 Notorious Star Trek Urban Legends

Beverly Hills Trek!?
By Adam Clery

Archer: EVERY Season Ranked Worst To Best

A show that can't hear you over the sound of its deafening awesomeness.
By Aidan Whatman

8 Deleted Scenes That Explain Confusing Doctor Who Moments

Maybe important plot details should be left in the episode?
By Danny Meegan

Amazon Fallout TV Show CONFIRMED

It's the next high-profile game to get a TV adaptation.
By Josh Brown

Friends Or The Office US Quiz: Who Said These Love Quotes - Ross Or Jim?

Which hopeless romantic said it?
By Rahul Verma

10 Reasons Why Data Was A Dangerous Threat To The Enterprise

He has unmatched strength, an unbeatable intellect, and an evil twin. What could go wrong?
By John Kerr

10 Characters The Walking Dead Killed Off At The Wrong Time

The Walking Dead is understandably a show all about death, but sometimes the timing is a bit…
By Jack Cullum

The ULTIMATE Stranger Things Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Show?

Will this Stranger Things quiz turn your world Upside Down?
By Michael Patterson

8 Doctor Who Companions Who Should Make A Return

The Doctor has had many companions over the decades, and it'd be fun to see some of them…
By Jack Cullum

Friends Quiz: Who Did It - Joey, Phoebe Or Both?

Dr. Drake Ramoray Or Princess Consuela Banana Hammock?
By Rahul Verma

The Ultimate Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 1 Quiz!

How well do you remember the debut season of Amazon's espionage series?
By Harvey Leonard

You'll Never Be Able To 100% The Hardest Dark Quiz Ever!

Do you know every thing there is to know about the time travelling German drama?
By Aundre Jacobs

10 TV Characters Ron Swanson Would Love

Ron Swanson isn't a big fan of people but the few he cares about, he cares about for life.
By Ian Goodwillie

Doctor Who: Ranking The Weddings Of The Whoniverse

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.. and possibly pregnant with an alien.
By Kristy Anderson

The Ultimate BoJack Horseman Quiz

Hooray! BoJack Horseman Quiz!
By Aaron Chandler

10 TV Finales That Messed With Your Brain

Life On Mars, St Elsewhere and Lost really ended with a WTF...
By Jack Morrell

10 Reasons You Must Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender

Don't let THAT M. Night Shyamalan remake put you off!
By Jenny Conduit

10 Best Monsters Of The Week In Buffy The Vampire Slayer

It's not all Big Bads...
By Aidan Whatman

13 Times Star Trek Broke Its Own Prime Directive

Times - both justified or not - the characters of Star Trek broke the federation's biggest…
By John Tibbetts

Friends Quiz: Who Dated Them - Joey, Ross Or Chandler?

A who's who of girlfriends. Can you remember which of the guys they dated?
By Fergus Valentine

10 Best Performances In Better Call Saul

Albuquerque's finest.
By Josh Mills

12 Movie Deaths You Knew Were Coming (That Still Broke You)

Some doomed protagonists, some real heroic self-sacrifices, and...
By WhatCulture

10 TV Shows That Mocked Their Rivals

Futurama had a go at the Simpsons, who had a go at South Park, who had a go at Family Guy,…
By WhatCulture

10 Surprising Movie Character Traits Everyone Missed

Bane loves to knit.
By WhatCulture

10 Movie Moments Which Aren’t What They Seem

When a simple mirror isn't a mirror at all...
By WhatCulture

20 Things You Somehow Missed In The Matrix

There is no spoon, but there is a pen.
By WhatCulture

10 Movies That Explained Way Too Much

Some explanations give us more than we wanted and kill our enjoyment of movies we otherwise…
By WhatCulture

10 Sci-Fi Movie Mistakes You Can’t Unsee

Nero had a tattoo touch-up mid-film?
By WhatCulture

10 Greatest ‘One Shot’ Scenes In Movie History

Look before you leap.
By WhatCulture

Community: 15 Insane Details You Definitely Missed

Long-term storytelling.
By WhatCulture

10 Infamous Times Actors Refused To Break Character

There’s acting and then there’s Jim Carrey's method acting.
By WhatCulture

10 TV Moments That Were Almost WAY Darker

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By WhatCulture

8 Alternative Endings To Stephen King Novels That Were Originally Planned

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By WhatCulture

The Simpsons: 10 Most Desperate Attempts To Boost Ratings

All sizzle and no steak makes Simpsons' ratings something something...
By WhatCulture

20 Things You Didn't Know About Batman Returns

Batman's sequel had more monkey genital maulings and eating live birds than you'd ever guess.…
By WhatCulture

10 TV Characters Killed Right In Their Prime

TV's shining lights that were snuffed out at their brightest moments.
By WhatCulture

10 TV Moments You Didn't Expect To See This Season

Death, destruction and...Joe Exotic.
By WhatCulture

Alien 3: What Really Happened?

By WhatCulture

10 Movie Industry Secrets You Didn't Know

Hollywood at its sneakiest and cheekiest.
By WhatCulture

10 Movies That End In Utter Silence

The sound of silence.
By WhatCulture

10 Futurama Secrets You Never Knew

Sometimes the best surprises were staring us in the face all along...
By WhatCulture

Why We're Launching YouCulture

A new channel dedicated to all things chosen by you!
By WhatCulture

10 TV Shows You Didn't Realise You Were Following The Villain

Audiences got brilliantly bait-and-switched.
By WhatCulture

12 Most Anxiety-Inducing Sci-Fi Movies EVER

From real life space catastrophe to body invading aliens to f***ed up futures...
By WhatCulture

10 REAL Reactions To Behind-The-Scenes Movie Screw-Ups

Remember the time Harrison Ford "accidentally" punched Ryan Gosling for Blade Runner 2049?
By WhatCulture

8 Actors Who Were Scared Of Other Actors - Commenter Edition

Just because the cameras aren't rolling, doesn't mean you stop being afraid of your co-stars...…
By WhatCulture

10 Greatest Horror Movies Never Made

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By WhatCulture

The Simpsons: 20 Annoying Mistakes You Didn't Notice

The devil is in the details, and Fox don't always seem to care...
By WhatCulture

10 Movies That Almost Had Much Better Endings

So close to getting it right!
By WhatCulture

12 Sci-Fi Movies That Purposefully Mess With Your Head

Desperados III is out now on PC, Xbox One and PS4!
By WhatCulture

Michael Keaton’s Batman RETURNS In 2022

By WhatCulture