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Ozark Season 3: 6 Ups & 2 Downs

Season 3 of the hit show is back! Does it keep its momentum or have they lost the spark?
By Craig Madeam

Doctor Who: The Doctor's 5 Darkest Ever Moments

The Oncoming Storm, or The Destroyer of Worlds - The Doctor hasn't always acted heroically.
By Tom Bedworth

10 Most Inappropriate Moments In Star Trek: The Original Series

To boldly go where no one should really go, to be honest...
By Jimmy Kavanagh

10 TV Shows That Make You Question Your Own Reality

A rundown of mind-bending shows which make you question EVERYTHING!
By Joe Read Read

Friends Quiz: Who Was It - Chandler, Joey Or Rachel?

Which friend was it?
By Laura Holmes

Sherlock: Do You Know Moriarty?

In a world of locked doors the man with the key is king. And, honey - you should see him in a crown.…
By Tom Bedworth

Doctor Who: 14 Cool Details Steven Moffat Just Revealed About The Day Of The Doctor

Turns out John Hurt was secretly a comedy genius.
By Danny Meegan

10 Best Football TV Series To Stream While The Season Is On Hiatus

Being stuck at home is bad enough. But being stuck at home with no football?
By Jack Kingston

10 TV Revivals That Totally Ruined Awesome Characters

What the hell did they do to Michael?
By Jack Pooley

Netflix's Tiger King Review: 8 Things We Learned

Netflix has delivered the goods with one of the wildest docuseries to date.
By Adrian Bishop

10 Most Messed Up Twin Peaks Moments

"How's Annie?"
By Ash Jacob

The Office Quiz: Who Were Those Iconic Quotes Said To?

Sometimes we'll start a summary and we don't even know where it's going-
By Dalton C. Wickett

10 Catchiest TV Theme Songs

Which of these classics made you sing along?
By Michael Patterson

Parks And Recreation Quiz: Which Season Did It Happen In?

Don't say Knope - 'Treat Yo Self' to this quiz!
By Dalton C. Wickett

8 Things Game Of Thrones Did Better Than A Song Of Ice And Fire

George RR Martin is great, but he didn't always do his own work best...
By Richard Kraus

10 TV Shows That Were Unrecognisable When They Finished

Never trust an Adult Swim show to leave you the same way it found you...
By John Tibbetts

Star Trek Picard: Every Season One Death Ranked

A surprisingly blood-thirsty first season for the newest Star Trek...
By Simon Gallagher

The Ultimate Simpsons Quiz: Musical Edition

Sure, you know Spider-Pig, but can you finish these Simpsons lyrics?
By Simon Winter

10 Sci-Fi TV Series That Deserve A Second Chance

Maybe Fringe deserves another look...
By Ian Goodwillie

10 Ridiculous TV Premises You Won't Believe Were Real

The epitome of the phrase "how did this get made?"
By Josh Mills

Doctor Who: How Well Do You Know The Time Lords?

How much do you know about everyone's favourite time traveller's own people?
By Tom Bedworth

Star Trek Picard: Every Easter Egg & Hidden Reference From 'Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 2'

Nothing but blue skies, all our theories were wrong.
By Paul Sutherlin

12 TV Shows That Don't Live Up To Great Premises

So promising, so exciting, so bad.
By Josh Mills

Star Trek Picard: Every Major Character Ranked

Now that its all over (for the moment) lets see how Picard's new crew all shape up.
By Sean Ferrick

10 More Great TV Shows Cancelled After Just One Season

It's criminal that we lost these TV shows after only one season.
By Paris Fawcett

10 Actors Who Have Become Badass Directors

Hidden talents from your favourite actors. 
By Richard Kraus

5 Best Doctor Who Gadgets

It goes 'ding' when there's stuff.
By Tom Bedworth

Star Trek: Picard Finale Review - 3 Ups And 5 Downs From Et In Arcadia Ego (Part 2)

Not all good things come to an end.
By Adam Clery

10 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows Returning This Year

Sci-Fi TV has never looked so good...
By Michael Patterson

3 Things Doctor Who Should Do To Retain Fans (And 2 To Bring Old Fans Back)

Doctor Who needs a boost, both for fans and for those who have fallen away from the show.
By Joshua Short