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10 Things We’re Hoping To Get From BBC America’s The Watch

The latest iteration of Terry Pratchett's Discworld comes to the small screen.
By Liam Sell

Doctor Who: The Cartmel Masterplan - What Could Have Been

The 1980s saw a lot of changes to Doctor Who, but none so radical as the Cartmel Masterplan.
By John Hussey

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Quiz: Buffy Summers - What's Her Next Line?

She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. But you knew…
By Alisdair Hodgson

Each Brooklyn Nine-Nine Lead Ranked From Worst To Best

This could be very hard... title of your sex tape!
By Michael John-Day

10 Doctor Who Episodes You Completely Forgot Existed

Most episodes of Doctor Who are absolutely fantastic, some are terrible, and some are…
By Alex Carlton

Making A Murderer: Where Are They Now?

Much has changed since Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were first convicted back in 2007.
By Alison Traynor

Star Trek: Discovery 3.2 Review - Ups And Downs From Far From Home

No, it's not the latest Spiderman sequel. There isn't even any webslinging!
By Sean Ferrick

Friends Or The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Who Was It - Ross And Rachel Or Leonard And Penny?

Was it the 'Lobster Couple' or 'Lenny 4 Eyes'?
By Aimee Klapisch

The Big Bang Theory Quiz: What's My First Line?

It all started with a big bang!
By Laura Holmes

10 Game Of Thrones Fates Worse Than Death

There are plenty of gruesome deaths during Game Of Thrones. But what if they're the lucky ones?
By Graeme Mason

9 Things That Need To Happen Before Brooklyn Nine-Nine Ends

What do we need to see from the Nine Nine before it's all over?
By Niall Gray

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Jake Peralta - What's His Next Line?

Only Boyle can score 100% on this quiz!
By Laura Holmes

10 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows Set In Space

To boldly go where many shows have gone before...
By Lewis A Downie

Amazon's Lord Of The Rings: 10 Things Fans Demand

What better time to bring Tom Bombadil?
By Laura Doyle

The Walking Dead: 10 Worst Things Negan Has Ever Done

He may be on the path to redemption, but Negan still has a lot to atone for...
By Aidan Whatman

Friends Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Proposals?

The One With All The Proposals.
By Aimee Klapisch

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Ranking The Main Characters From Weakest To Strongest

Vampires, werewolves, Slayers, Watchers and Xander - which character is the strongest?
By Aidan Whatman

Blood Of Zeus Review: 9 Ups And 2 Downs

The age of gods and heroes returns with a thunderclap.
By Motzie Dapul

Lost: Every Season Ranked Worst To Best

The show peaked with Ben Linus. End of story.
By Matt Thompson

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Let's Play - Real Ray Or Fake Ray?

Bet you can't tell which of these Captain Holt quotes are real or fake.
By Lewis Bunce

Teen Wolf: 10 Best Supporting Characters

Without these characters, things wouldn't have been quite as cool in Beacon Hills.
By Aidan Whatman

20 Things You Totally Missed In The Walking Dead

Recurring themes, re-used sets, pop culture references and cruel foreshadowing.
By Aidan Whatman

Cobra Kai: Ranking Every Character Worst To Best

We do not rank to be merciful here.
By Racan Souiedan

The IMPOSSIBLE Netflix Quiz

Time to put your bingeing to good use.
By Jack Pooley

Supernatural Quiz: Who Said This To Castiel - Dean Or Sam?

You have me confused with the other angel. The one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with…
By Aimee Klapisch

10 Most Horrifying Star Trek Moments

It may be a show about boldy going forward, but sometimes the smart move is to simply run away.
By Sean Ferrick

How I Met Your Mother: 10 Worst Things Robin Ever Did

If you hate Robin, here's why that might be.
By Matthew Macleod

Breaking Bad Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Show?

Has your memory broken bad?
By Dalton C. Wickett

Doctor Who: Every Post-Regeneration Episode Ranked Worst To Best

Here we go again... and again and again...
By James Colbourn

10 Times Star Trek: The Next Generation Tried To Be Sexy

And surprisingly, they’re not all about Riker.
By Mike Sizemore

10 Most Dangerous Bounty Hunters In Star Wars

Sith Lords might be Star Wars' most feared characters, but these Bounty Hunters aren't far…
By Ian Goodwillie

The IMPOSSIBLE Parks And Recreation Quiz!

Only a true fan can score 100% on this IMPOSSIBLE Parks and Recreation Quiz!
By Jonathan H. Kantor

Friends: 10 Reasons Why Ross Is The Worst Person Ever

Are we really supposed to root for this guy?
By Aidan Whatman

10 Best Sci-Fi Comedy TV Series You Need To Watch

Science fiction and comedy don't seem like an obvious combination but they can work well…
By Ian Goodwillie

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Quiz: Can You Finish These Quotes From Spike?

Can you remember the dialogue from one of the best Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters?
By Jacob Wilkins

8 Things Non-Fans Don't Understand About Doctor Who

You can trust him, he's the Doctor.
By Niall Gray

10 Upcoming Movies With Genius Concepts

It doesn't get much more creative than this.
By WhatCulture

10 Actors Who Apologised For Their Behaviour In Major Movies

Don't annoy Christian Bale, or he will crush you.
By WhatCulture

10 Most Disliked Joe Rogan Experience Episodes

These guests did not go over well with the JRE fanbase.
By WhatCulture

Parks & Recreation: 15 Insane Details You Definitely Missed

Time to have your mind melted.
By WhatCulture

Jared Leto Returns As Joker For Justice League Snyder Cut!

Reshoots for Zack Snyder's Justice League will feature Leto's Clown Prince of Crime.
By WhatCulture

10 Times Movie Prosthetics Nearly Broke An Actor

Who knew sitting in make-up chair could be this soul destroying?
By WhatCulture

10 Weird Early Versions Of TV Characters You Totally Forgot About

Are Frank Buffay Jnr and the Condom Guy one and the same?
By WhatCulture

10 Doomed Movies SAVED By Last-Minute Reshoots

Reshoots can kill an otherwise good movie, but sometimes, they end up saving one at the last…
By WhatCulture

10 Rick And Morty Fan Theories That Change Everything

Infinite Ricks, infinite Mortys, and infinite theories.
By WhatCulture

10 Filmmakers Obsessed With ONE Thing

Quentin Tarantino isn't even trying to hide it.
By WhatCulture

10 Embarrassing Movies Actors Don’t Want You To See

Just because they starred in it, doesn't mean they have to like it.
By WhatCulture

10 Times Movies Got Weapons Wrong

Some movie weapons are depicted inaccurately while others don't even exist!
By WhatCulture

10 Most Ridiculous Uses Of CGI In Movie History

$5,000 is a lot to pay for a piece of crap.
By WhatCulture

10 Best Movie Characters Who Only Appear In ONE Scene

The actors and characters who truly maximised their minutes.
By WhatCulture

10 Actors Who Lost Roles Because They Got Greedy

These actors thought they knew their worth, but at what cost?
By WhatCulture

Dexter RETURNS In 2021!

Dexter is returning to screens for 10 episodes in 2021.
By WhatCulture

8 Little Known Ways Jack Nicholson Made The Joker Awesome

Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
By WhatCulture

4 Spider-Mans In MCU Spider-Man 3 - Miles Morales Cast!

With the third MCU Spider-Man film due to start filming this month, the rumour mill has gone…
By WhatCulture

10 Movie Biopics That Lied To Your Face

There's twisting the truth, there's bending the facts, and then there's making s*** up...
By WhatCulture

3 Spider-Mans Confirmed For MCU Spider-Man 3 - Maguire & Garfield Return!

Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield return to Spider-Man for MCU!
By WhatCulture

18 Things You Somehow Missed In The Shawshank Redemption

These goofs, cameos, and Easter eggs make The Shawshank Redemption that much greater.
By WhatCulture

10 Terrible CGI Moments In Big Budget TV Shows

Even though the screen is smaller, there's no excuse for CGI to look THIS bad.
By WhatCulture

10 Actors You Forgot Were In HUGE Movies

By WhatCulture

10 Secret Subplots Hidden In Movies

Hidden storylines in plain sight.
By WhatCulture

10 Best TV Episodes Set In Just One Room

Confined to a single location, these small-scale episodes leave a massive impact.
By WhatCulture

10 Times Movies Spoiled Their Own Story

They spelled it all out.
By WhatCulture

10 Horror Movies That Make Silence Terrifying

Subscribe to WhatCulture Horror -
By WhatCulture

10 Futuristic Sci-Fi Movies That Now Take Place In The Past

Technology really hasn't advanced as far as the movies thought that it would have by 2020...
By WhatCulture

Doctor Strange In MCU Spider-Man 3 - Explained!

By WhatCulture

10 Weirdest Reasons Movie Sequels Were Cancelled

The real reason there's no Amazing Spider-Man 3.
By WhatCulture