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Iron Maiden: EVERY Album Ranked Worst To Best

Four decades of incredible music, but which album is best?
By Scott Banner

10 Most Over-Hated Rock Albums Of All Time

Don't Believe the Anti-Hype.
By Tim Coffman

10 Classic Rock Bands That Got Better After Selling Out

The Upside of Cashing In.
By Tim Coffman

15 Most Underrated Hard Rock Albums Of All Time

Hard Rock's Unsung Hymns.
By Tim Coffman

10 Best Follow Up Albums In Hard Rock

Making the perfect musical sequel. And making it LOUD!
By Tim Coffman

10 Underrated Metal Albums Of The 1990s

Heaviness of the Grunge Era.
By Tim Coffman

Can You Recognise These Iconic Album Covers Without Their Titles?

You love the music, but how well do you know the artwork? Quiz up and find out!
By Jimmy Kavanagh

Eminem: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Marshall Mathers LP

Celebrating 20 years since the release of Eminem's iconic album.
By Zac Jones

10 Incredible Classic Rock Albums We Never Got To Hear

The potential classics all rock fans were robbed of...
By Tim Coffman

10 Best Twenty One Pilots Songs

These are the greatest tracks from the world’s most popular music duo…
By Jacob Wilkins

10 Greatest Debut Albums Of The 1970s

Sabbath really did get off on the right foot...
By Tim Coffman

9 Songs You Didn't Know Are About Being Bisexual

Could you read their poker face?
By Jacob Trowbridge

10 Hard Rock Albums That Divided The Fanbase

Megadeth's Risk made the Rock Brotherhood a house divided.
By Tim Coffman

10 Good Songs That Were Made AMAZING By Their Music Video

Childish Gambino knows how to make ART...
By Tim Coffman

10 Times Musicians Trolled Their Audience

Think we have "deep lyrics"? Well...
By Tim Coffman

Every Arctic Monkeys Single Ranked Worst To Best

Pitting together every single from this century's biggest British rock band.
By Paris Fawcett

10 Best Hard Rock Album Covers Of All Time

The Art Behind Rock's Heaviest Offerings.
By Tim Coffman

Enter Shikari Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

From Take To The Skies To Nothing Is True And Everything Is Possible, which album is best?
By Peter Barnes

Metallica: 10 Awesome Lyric Meanings You Totally Missed

The World According to Hetfield.
By Tim Coffman

James Bond Quiz: Who Sang Every 007 Theme Song? Community

Who's the voice behind these iconic songs?
By Hannah Jones Submit Your Content

10 Greatest Hard Rock Guitar Solos Of All Time

Making the six-string talk.
By Tim Coffman

10 Most Underrated Hip Hop Albums Of The 2010s

Got the game on lock like they changed the key.
By Johnny Owens

10 Best Hard Rock Albums Of The 1960's

The Dark Side of Flower Power...
By Tim Coffman

12 Hard Rock Bands Who Succeeded By Never Selling Out

Rage Against The Machine are still in it for the right reasons...
By Tim Coffman

10 Most Underrated Songs (On Classic Albums)

The lowlights from must-have records...
By Tim Coffman

10 Bad Debut Albums From Great Bands

Red Hot Chili Peppers did NOT start well...
By Tim Coffman

10 Best Hard Rock & Rap Cross-Over Songs

When two worlds collide...
By Tim Coffman

10 Best Classic Rock Ballads

Raise Your Lighters High.
By Tim Coffman

10 Songs That Inspired Dance Crazes

Dust off your dancing shoes...
By Ryan Cahalin

10 Times People Died Inside During Awkward Interviews

"You have some interesting body language going on there."
By Reinhard Leon van Biljon

12 Best Hard Rock Drum Solos

The Beating Hearts of Rock and Roll.
By Tim Coffman

Paramore: Every Album Ranked Worst To Best

They're in the business of music, let's take it from the top...
By Zac Jones

10 Songs That Caused Huge Rifts In Bands

Sounds of a Band Divided.
By WhatCulture Music

Albums That Influenced You

We've got picks from Ash, Scott, Phil, Clery, Dowse, Simon, Josh and Murray to tell you the…
By WhatCulture Music

9 Most Paused Music Videos

The most creative, weird, and eye-popping music videos ever.
By WhatCulture Music

10 Famous Musicians Who Literally Did The Same Thing Every Time

Hee Hee.
By WhatCulture Music

Last Channel Standing - Music Quiz

The second in a series of elimination style quizzes to determine what is the best channel and…
By WhatCulture Music

8 Bizarre Reasons Famous Music Album Covers Were Rejected

Some of the most iconic covers in the history of music very nearly...weren't.
By WhatCulture Music

Embarrassing Band Memories

Every now and again it's worth looking back on those embarrassing moments and we've got Clery,…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Best Rappers Of All Time

Mirror mirror, on the wall, who is the greatest MC of them all?
By WhatCulture Music

8 Song Meanings Fans Can't Accept

The Boss wasn't singing what you thought he was...
By WhatCulture Music

9 Albums With Creepy Recording Stories

Never take John Lennon to the roof whilst flying!
By WhatCulture Music

9 Failed Albums That Became Cult Classics

Not every classic earns the title straight away …
By WhatCulture Music

8 Song Lyrics That Nobody Understands

Are we human or...
By WhatCulture Music

10 False Music Facts You Probably Believe

Surely you didn't actually believe that Yoko Ono broke up The Beatles?
By WhatCulture Music

10 Best Hard Rock Albums Of The 2000s

The Millennium's heaviest offerings.
By WhatCulture Music

10 Singers Who HATE Their Own Songs

They wrote them, they sing them, but they can't stand them.
By WhatCulture Music

10 Songs That End On Really Depressing Notes

"Come to think about, his name was, it was you.
By WhatCulture Music

Songs That Ruined Otherwise Perfect Albums

We've got Josh, Andy, Dowse, Ash, Clery, Kirsten, Scott and Simon here to tell you their picks…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Music Genres That Died

Gone but not forgotten.
By WhatCulture Music

10 Great Songs Never Released As Singles

The unsung heroes hidden across the album.
By WhatCulture Music

10 Notorious Music Videos From Big-Name Artists

From the slightly inappropriate to the almost unwatchable.
By WhatCulture Music

Never Mind The Buzzer Culture - THE FINAL!

Welcome to the FINALE of our brand new quiz Never Mind The Buzzer Culture!
By WhatCulture Music

Metallica Feature As The Undertaker's New Entrance Theme At WrestleMania 36

By WhatCulture Music

8 Bizarre Music Collaborations That Were Surprisingly Successful

Talented artists who defied all sense of logic and said, "To hell with it.
By WhatCulture Music

What Album Did You Love As A Teen But Would Never Listen To Again?

(AT HOME EDITION) We've got Josh, Scott, Andy, Nicholas, Dowse, Ash, Simon and Clery telling…
By WhatCulture Music

10 Musicians Who Almost Joined The Wrong Band

Slash's replacement in Guns N Roses was almost INCREDIBLE!…
By WhatCulture Music

Never Mind The Buzzer Culture #2 | WhatCulture Music Quiz

Welcome to our brand new quiz Never Mind The Buzzer Culture!
By WhatCulture Music

10 Songs With Meanings That Are Completely Misunderstood

Some things aren't so open to interpretation...
By WhatCulture Music

Never Mind The Buzzer Culture #1 | WhatCulture Music Quiz

Welcome to our brand new quiz Never Mind The Buzzer Culture!
By WhatCulture Music

10 Bands Who Survived A Lead Singer Change

Blink 182, AC/DC and the bands that found a new voice...…
By WhatCulture Music

8 Dumbest Lawsuits In Music History

Because irrational behaviour should always be rewarded.
By WhatCulture Music