10 Comic Books You Cannot Miss This Week (Feb 6, 2019)

Daredevil's back, and you can't afford to miss him...

Marvel Comics

New Comic Book Day is once again approaching like a great big old inky tidal wave. For everyone else it may just be the first Wednesday of the month, but comic fans know to batten down the hatches by finding their favourite books, settling down for the evening and lying back to enjoy the latest comics of the week.

Some may get drowned with the sheer volume of books on offer, but that is why we're here - to recommend those comics you simply cannot afford to miss.

Marvel seem to be coming out all guns blazing this week, with new issues focusing on the Age of X-Man and the return of Daredevil with a surprisingly awesome writer making it a great week for the publisher. On the DC Comics front, the second issue of Young Justice actually corrects some of the faults of the first, and a book all about those Apokolips-ian badasses the Female Furies also releases.

As always, trades, reprints and special editions are off the table. So these are the 10 new and ongoing single issues that you simply cannot afford to miss this week.


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