10 Controversial Superhero Costumes DC Wants You To Forget

More boob windows than your heart can handle.

Power Girl Adam Hughes
DC Comics

As long as DC exists, there will forever be a constant stream of controversial comic costumes created by the company.

Largely, this is down to the 'sex sells' rule of comics - which generally leads to excusably saucy outfits, but occasionally creates a gem that's just scandalous enough that you can't ignore it.

That said, scantily-clad babes aren't the only way that costumes can be controversial. Be it weird trends, terrible redesigns, or just outdated fashion, there are a whole host of weird and wild outfits that managed to shock and irritate audiences with minimal breasts involved. It's almost reassuring in a way, as it shows that strange costumes are not a problem associated with one specific artist or time period, but rather a continual roller coaster of the most bizarre choices man has ever made.

With all the revealing clothes, eighties rejects, and unfortunate robots you could possibly want in life, controversial hero outfits fill a bizarre little space in any comic fan's heart - the part that desperately craves really, really weird s**t in every available corner of the comics that they read.


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