10 Greatest Comic Book Teaser Ads

"Embrace change."

Secret Invasion Advert
Marvel Comics

Advertising is a must for all entertainment in the 21st century. Without that marketing, the struggle to become one of the purchased few in a flooded medium is nearly impossible, even within their own output. It is that marketing that is the first step forward and why even some of the most mediocre films can have some of the best trailers.

Comic books are a tad different. When the phrase "comic book ads" are brought up, be it in a search bar (seriously you will not find a single advert for an actual comic book), or in conversation, people tend to think of things like the x-ray specs, sea monkeys or the unparalleled cultural staying power of the Hostess Fruit Pie one-page comics, and not the attempts to draw in readers.

Modern comics have less of this problem, with the prominent marketing tool being the internet, with reviewers, social media and fandom itself able to spread word of a given comic.

To celebrate the long-forgotten power of a truly special ad, it is time to check out the best ads and teasers of the past.


A.J. Carey is a child of pop culture, learning to read on comic books and raised like any true '90s child on films way above his age range and network television!