10 Reasons Why The New 52 Was Doomed To Fail

7. Weird Redesigns

Green Arrow New 52
DC Comics

Okay, okay, we literally must know who shaved Oliver Queen, because that sh*t's just not cool.

In their attempts to fundamentally de-age their cast of characters, DC embarked on some rather... odd, redesigns. Green Arrow lost his iconic 'tache and goatee, a fake Lobo ran rampant with a younger, less gruff look, and Harley... well, the less that's said of 2011's Suicide Squad, the better.

And then there was this weird obsession during the relaunch to add lines and rough edges to every character's suit, because that's what makes suits cool, lines. Lots and lots of lines.

Superman was undoubtedly the worst culprit in this instance, sporting a costume that had a random red belt, lines aplenty, and an uncomfortable looking collar that Edna Mode would undoubtedly take offence to. And god, that's without even mentioning Tim Drake's updated Red Robin costume, which, while admittedly a slight improvement on the old one, made for just about the edgiest looking edge-suit in the entire reboot.

The entire thing was just an unmitigated fashion disaster, really. But hey, at least Rebirth's wardrobe is on point.

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