20 Best Marvel Superhero Costumes

From Captain America to Spider-Man, which Marvel heroes have the best designs?

Marvel Comics/Alex Ross

While Marvel's wardrobe of superhero costumes may not be as iconic as the likes of DC - some of their outfits even being based off of the looks of their competitor's characters - the House of Ideas certainly has some brilliant styles under their belt.

To be fair, if this wasn't the case, the MCU arguably would not have done as well as it has - watching twenty movies that feature sub-par wardrobes simply wouldn't be as enjoyable as seeing a roster of awesome-looking, unique heroes, now would it?

But, today we're looking at the costumes of the books, not the movies, the only rules being that A: the outfit must originate in the comics, and B; that the character must have originated at Marvel to begin with.

Fortunately for fans, just as the House of Ideas innovated in a great many areas when it comes to writing, so too did they innovate in a visual sense. Some of the designs featured in the Marvel Universe are some of the best and brightest the comic book medium has to offer. Here are the best of all...


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