7 Iconic Ads You Could Only Find In Comics

"Remember, each bond you buy is a bullet in the barrel of your best guy's gun!"

Captain America War Bonds
Marvel Comics

Advertising has changed drastically over the last decade to reflect new and innovative techniques, but there will always be a soft spot for classic and iconic ads.

Is it ever truly the holidays if the Coca-Cola truck isn't pulling up? Probably, but it's a testament to how marketing has woven its way into popular culture in given moments.

Comic books are somewhat unique when it comes to ads. The zeitgeist has never let go of the strangeness of these ads. Seeing exaggerations of x-ray specs and sea monkeys are not out of the realm of the ordinary but how about Thanos being defeated because of Spider-Man gave him a delicious Hostess Fruit Pie. It was the 'Hungry? Eat A Snickers' of its time, except even more ludicrous because the Big Two used some of their biggest names in these ads.

While mileage may vary for newer readers who may have never gotten to see firsthand some of these classic adverts or their impact, there are so many more than these that readers look back and laugh even harder for thinking that they could be as awesome as it said on the tin.


A.J. Carey is a child of pop culture, learning to read on comic books and raised like any true '90s child on films way above his age range and network television!