Iron Man: Ranking Every Armour Worst To Best

A comprehensive review of Marvel's biggest wardrobe.

Marvel Comics/Adi Granov

A superhero is only as good as their costume. This goes double for the likes of Iron Man, who is powerless without his suit. Because of this, Tony Stark has invented an incredible amount of outfits for almost every possible occasion, ranging from armours designed for duking it out with the Hulk, to even one designed for interstellar travel.

Since his introduction in 1963, there have been countless pieces of armour worn by Stark, James Rhodes, Riri Williams and many more Iron Men from alternate Earths.

There are so many different suits, in fact, that ranking literally every armour may be impossible. Instead, this gallery has brought together the most important suits from Iron Man's main comics alongside his alternate universe counterparts and other people to take up the mantle. There are plenty of names most readers would be shocked to find; James Rhodes might be an obvious candidate for Iron Man but Norman Osborn is a certain surprise too.

Brace yourself for a lot of suits, as this gallery goes through every Iron Man armour to find out which suit is the greatest of all time!


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