Lethal Weapon: The Complete First Season On Blu-ray

3 copies to give away!

Lethal Weapon Blu ray
Warner Bros.

To celebrate the release of Lethal Weapon: The Complete First Season, available now on Blu-ray and DVD, we have teamed up with Warner Bros. and we are giving you the chance to win a copy on Blu-ray.

Damon Wayans (My Wife and Kids, In Living Color) as Roger Murtaugh and Clayne Crawford (A Walk to Remember, Rectify) as Riggs are back on the streets of L.A., in Warner Bros. Television’s adaptation of LETHAL WEAPON. The series introduces these two polar opposites: Riggs a volatile former Navy SEAL-turned-detective out of El Paso, Texas and Murtaugh, a seasoned, by-the-book detective cautiously returning to the LAPD despite his wife’s (Keesha Sharp) objections following a heart attack which nearly killed him. Meanwhile Riggs has his own demons after the tragic deaths of his wife and unborn son. Sanctioned to mandatory sessions with the police department's psychologist, (Jordana Brewster) things become more complicated for Riggs, when the two develop feelings for each other.

Whilst the partnership between Murtaugh and Riggs seems doomed from the start, the dynamic is crazy enough that it just might work. The question remains… can the two of them work together to protect the crime-ridden streets of Los Angeles, or will Riggs get the two of them killed first?


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